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Our Associates


Francie Achterberg

Francie is the firm’s administrative assistant. She has priority over the product work flow of the firm and the timely delivery of products, in addition to direct oversight of billing and collections. She has been with Dreggors, Rigsby & Teal, P.A. since 2001.

Sheila Brasche

A bookkeeper/accountant with an associate’s degree in accounting and more than 34 years’ experience, Sheila works in bookkeeping, payroll services and tax preparation provided by Dreggors, Rigsby & Teal, P.A.

Denise M. Goodall

A graduate of the Pittsburg State University with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accounting, Denise is a professional staff accountant with 34 years’ experience in accounting and supervision. Denise is actively involved in accounting and tax services provided by Dreggors, Rigsby & Teal, P.A.

Lynn Gula

As the firm’s receptionist, Lynn has been with the firm since June 2006, and has more than 24 years of accounting and management experience.

Linda Irvine

A bookkeeper/accountant with more than 24 years’ experience, Linda is actively involved in bookkeeping and payroll services provided by the firm.

Wendell Jarrard

A financial professional with more than 44 years’ experience, Wendell retired from the banking industry as a senior loan officer with more than 29 years’ experience in the DeLand community. He joined Dreggors, Rigsby & Teal, P.A. to assist with its focus on business consultations. The primary emphasis in his work is with business sale and/or acquisition debt restructuring and retirement funding.

Dianne Jensen

A staff accountant with more than 44 years’ experience, Dianne is actively involved in accounting advisory and tax preparation services at Dreggors, Rigsby & Teal. She also participates in money management services for the firm.

Gary J. Kathman

A graduate of Florida Technical University (now University of Central Florida) with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Gary is a professional bookkeeper/accountant with more than 39 years’ experience. He is involved in the firm’s bookkeeping and payroll services.

Jackie North

A bookkeeper/accountant with nearly 34 years’ experience, Jackie is instrumental in the financial planning and money management services provided by our firm. She is also actively involved in tax preparation services.

Eileen O’Reilly Long

Eileen joined the firm in 2009 to become the firm’s administrator for the West Volusia Hospital Authority (WVHA) which consists of complete performance of all administrative duties for the WVHA. Prior to joining the firm, Eileen had more than 23 years of experience in the medical management profession.

Kevin Reid

A graduate of University of Central Florida with a degree in Finance, Kevin is a licensed Investment Adviser and Life and Health Insurance Agent. His experience encompasses auditing, tax preparation, financial planning and investing, and risk assessment and coverage. He also involved in the firm’s bookkeeping and payroll services.

Anne Sollien

A bookkeeper/accountant with over 29 years’ experience, Anne has worked in the administrative side of Financial Planning and Pension Planning for the past 14 years and is enjoying a return to bookkeeping and accounting.